Shedding Light on the Relationship of Charity and Justice

I'm writing this on Candlemas, a feast of Light. St. Vincent once said, "There is no act of charity that is not accompanied by justice or that permits us to do more than we reasonably can."[To François du Coudray, In Toul, 17 June 1640] What did he mean? Let's shed a...

Wealthy giving less as middle class gives more

Who knew that the wealthy are giving less as the middle class gives more. Using IRS data for an article As Wealthy Give Smaller Share of Income to Charity, Middle Class Digs Deeper Alex Daniels presents some surprising insights on

“Giving Day” – what, why and how

Have you ever thought of “A Giving Day”? This is a focused 24-hour online fundraising campaign that can inspire greater giving and make a significant impact for the community.

“Crowdfunding” for the Mission?

Fundraising for the mission is a constant preoccupation of missionaries and Vincentian Family leaders. The Congregation of the Mission has its own initiatives, including the Vincentian Solidarity Office, as do many of the Vincentian Family branches. Missions like the...