The Systemic Change Toolkit: Yours to Use!

by | Aug 10, 2014 | Systemic change

SVDP Systemic ChangeThe Systemic Change Toolkit: Yours to Use!

The Vincentian Family’s International Commission to Promote Systemic Change invites you to take full advantage of its online toolkit!

This digital kit contains many useful tools: videos, power point presentations and texts, pictures, talks etc.  As has been mentioned, the kit is easily accessible online.  It is also easy to find different elements by going through the several folders holding the material.  There you will find short and more extended explanations of the concept “systemic change,” strategies for projects promoting change, Catholic Social Teaching, Vincentian Spirituality, the global challenges developed at the United Nations, fundraising for systemic change, and much more!

The Commission regularly updates much of the material, typically following a workshop somewhere in the world, because the material is often adapted for use in a particular culture.  Much of the material is already in several languages, and the goal is to have everything available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese (at a minimum).

The materials are easily downloaded and can be used as is, or modified to fit the particular needs of a workshop or an audience, and are useful for a brief session as well as a full three-day workshop.  One can download a Power Point, e.g., and add/change images, add music or slides, shorten or lengthen a presentation  to make it more useful and attractive to fit a given situation.

The point is that these materials are available for public use, and we encourage famvin readers to use them to promote systemic change thinking, a major thrust of the entire Vincentian Family.

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