Charity Federation meets

by | Jun 13, 2014 | Sisters of Charity, Vincentian Family

sc-federation-featured-facebookCharity Federation Meets – Thursday June 6

The day began with prayer led by Marge Kloos, SC-C. After prayer, Julie Cutter, DC-St. Louise, Executive Director of the SC Federation gave a brief overview of the agenda for the days ahead.

Debbie Weber, SC-C Associate, gave a presentation on the work of the SC Federation/Vincentian Family Social Justice Reps, noting that they now have 30 participants and have been focusing on social justice issues such as climate change and human trafficking as well as looking at the USCCB Catholic Social Teachings through the Vincentian lens.

Marjorie Gallagher, SC-H, gave a report on the work of the Canadian Maritime Project. Their primary initiatives have centered on housing issues (affordable housing and homelessness) and systemic change.
NGO Reps, Carol DeAngelo, SC-NY and Barbara Einloth, SC-Seton Hill, gave updates on what they have been doing in their Congregations to educate members on various issues locally and globally.

Cj Willie, SC-C, NGO Representative to the United Nations, gave s wonderful presentation on Sustainability Applied to Ministries in North America. She noted that climate change is already happening and the damage is irreversible. We are at a paradigm shift and cannot bury our heads in the sand. She ended her presentation with a quote from St. Vincent de Paul: “What you are about to undertake is a great work. I pray that our Lord will bless your leadership.” Julie Cutter and Donna Geernhaert presented CJ with a plaque and thanks for her years serving as the NGO Rep and indicated that they are currently interviewing candidates to fill her position.

Jean Rhoads presented an animoto highlighting what the various Congregations have been doing in the area of systemic change. Many great programs and activities are taking place locally and globally to effect systemic change.

The afternoon was spent with an inspirational and interactive presentation by Peter Block who addressed ways in which systems thinking informs systemic change and helps to promote systemic change in our ministries.

At the end of the afternoon session, the members bid farewell to the NGO reps.

The day ended with liturgy and a German Beer Garden.

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