April eBook – Vincent and spirit of service

by | Mar 30, 2014 | Spirituality and Spiritual Practice, Vincentian Family

Vincent - beggarThe April offering in the monthly Vincentian eBook offering is St. Vincent de Paul and the Spirit of Service
Abstract: If our vocation consists of following Jesus Christ then it is in our total willingness to serve the poor that we find our perfection. This service is spiritual and material. This service is also more a question of “being” rather than “doing”: the greatest Servant, Jesus Christ, from the first moment of His life, had this willingness to serve: Here I am Lord, I have come to do your will! Jesus did much more by being what He was, the servant of God, than any other activity that He might have accomplished during his public ministry. Vincent said that Jesus did more suffering than doing… Jesus did more by making Himself one with the poor, by taking on the form of a slave (Philippians 2:7). In order to be faithful to our vocation we do not have to move heaven and earth, we do not have to cross oceans or produce marvelous wonders… in fact, even when we feel that we are useless servants, we simply have to be humble servants of God’s plan with regard to those who are poor.

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