Who Are You? – Holding God’s Hand

by | Mar 17, 2014 | Society of St. Vincent de Paul

lynnWho Are You?  – Holding God’s Hand – Heaven Speaks – Hail Mary – themes for Vincentian Day of Prayer and Fast – Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dear Vincentian Brothers and Sisters:  Hope your Lenten journey is a smooth, productive and joyful jaunt.  Sometimes it is tough; however it is what we do best.  I have not been too good health wise and I’ve missed Mass.  Last Sunday I did not go, but Tony brought home communion.  He arrived home just as the TV Mass was on and together we prayed and he gave me communion.  It was so beautiful and so special.  It was also my grandson’s 17th birthday.  I made the choice to go to his supper.  One of the family members told me I should not have come because he would have understood and I couldn’t go to Mass, so I should be home.  This is from my special daughter who heard me say this to her all her growing up life.  I told her I said no to God and yes to Brandon.  One of the guests said, “He forgives always.”  I said, “And he never stops loving you.”  We had a laugh, but all knew it was so true.  Have a great week.  Pray for one another.

Who are you? You are a Vincentian called to serve Christ in others.  Examine yourself and reflect on your reason for serving.  You are a beloved child of God and He is always with you.  We look to those we serve and we pray for their needs and for us to serve in love.  We bring our loving voices to them, the loving voices of God.  We let them know they are also beloved without using words.  We need to tell ourselves, our children and others the message that should be written on our hearts, you are my beloved and I delight in your service to others.  You are Vincentians and I love you always – God.  Know who you are and how much you can give.  Know this and serve where you can as a beloved child of God, a gift to others.  Open yourself to our Father’s love to have more love to share with others.  When you pray the Lord’s Prayer before a home visit it will open you to the great love and share it with others.

Holding God’s Hand – There is more than one way to meet difficulties and holding God’s hand is the best.  Is your Lenten experience an exodus, escape or journey?  It should be a loving journey.  Take time to enjoy your journey and make the road good for others.  Be sure to spend some quiet time with God and thank Him for all the gifts you have.  You have nothing to escape from now you are ready to hold hands with God.  Remember God is in everyone you encounter, so be prepared to reach out to them as well. God loves you right now, just the way you are. God does not ask us to live a holy life without giving us the ability to resist sin.  Let your journey include asking forgiveness.  Reconciliation is one of our amazing gifts.  God opens our eyes to allow us to know our sins and seek forgiveness, while we forgive the sins of others.  Jesus calls us to cast off our sins, holding our hands, Father, Son and Holy Spirit to guide us on our journey.

Heaven Speaks to all we serve and especially to the ones who do not know Jesus.  As Vincentians we are called to evangelize by our presence, our love, and living our Gospel call.  Being present to those we visit, especially in their homes, even when the home is a prison or hospital, it is very special.  We pave the way for God to heal and convert.  We bring the love of Jesus in our actions.  Sometimes we are lucky enough to see the conversion, but do not be discouraged.  We pray, we live our mission, we visit with love, serving Christ who is in the poor and we continue to pray for all in need.  A story of someone I helped and visited years ago.  She had fallen away from the Church and sometimes we talked and prayed together, but she was not ready.  I was asked to speak at a Mass in a nearby Church and at the back of the church was a lady frantically waving to me.  I nodded my head and smiled.  After Mass I immediately went to her.  She was the lady I had been praying for.  Heaven did not give up on her.  She came back and as far as I know is still clearly active in serving others.  This was a special gift, but it is not always given to us, we must trust in God and His plan.

Hail Mary – We need to call on Mary often to help us in our work and worship.  She is a good role model.  I re-wrote a special prayer for my group years ago and I include it for you to share with young people.

“Hi Mary you are full of grace.  I think it means God really loves you because He is always with you.  You are a special Saint and holy because you are the mother of Jesus. You are special because you are a mom and you had a very special baby, Jesus.  You are Holy and Jesus is God, so you are the mother of God.  I am asking you to pray for me because I need help to be holy and I know you can pray well. I am not always good, but I try hard.  Pray for me always, Mary especially when I am very ill or very bad.  I love you Mary.  Amen!”

Bless your week. Pray for priests, those in need, each other and our young people, especially those who are bullied.  Pray for the homeless.  In my city young people are mocking and ridiculing the homeless on YouTube.  Thankfully they have been pulled from YouTube.  Pray for the youth always.  We need them to know they are loved.



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