Olympic Gold Medal Christians in training

by | Feb 24, 2014 | Society of St. Vincent de Paul

lynnOlympic Gold Medal Christians – I Believe – Fasting – Getting Ready are the themes Lynn L’Heureux reflects on in her series Vincentian Day of Prayer and Fast – Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dear Vincentian Family:  You are so special.  No one is more special than you and you are not more special than others, but you are special.  I remind you again to look in the mirror and see the special creation of God.  He said you were not just good, but very good.  Start your day knowing how good and special you are.  Lose any jealousies or resentment you may have and know you are special.  We all are.  We are special always, even when we fail.  God loves us.  Pray on this today.  Thank God for the gift of you. Thank God for Creation.

Olympic Gold Medal Christians – Stay focused on your faith and win the gold medal.  We put so much into so many things; we sometimes put our Faith on the back burner.  I believe we must work on it just as the Olympians do to receive the gold.  We don’t quit trying until we are the Gold Medal winners in our Faith journey.  We must be sincere about things in all we say and do, with the focus on being the best Christian we can be and it would be even better if all in this competition were the gold medal winners.  This would be the way of Christ and the world would see us as one and even be with us on God’s Olympic podium, presenting the best Gold Medal ever.

I Believe – The Creed is such an enormous prayer in our faith, for me second only to the Lord’s Prayer.  It is the foundation of who we are as Catholic Christians and a definite symbol of our Faith.  It is especially important for Vincentians to remember this in serving those in need and others around us.  This quote from Blessed Rosalie Rendu is very appropriate all the time but especially as we serve each other and those in poverty.  “If you want someone to love you, you must be the first to love; and if you have nothing to give, give yourself.”  Keep the prayers and quotes with you as you respect all life, the broken, the prisoners, the grateful, the ungrateful, the homeless, dirty and so in need of our love.  How will we respond?  Remember we serve Christ.

A few more I believe thoughts:

  • I believe, as a Vincentian, Charity and Justice are hand in hand.  We must treat all equally and share our goods to all. Vincent’s Quote – “Only the Spirit of God, dwelling in your sacred person, could unite justice with charity”.
  •  I believe we don’t have to change others but accept them as they are.
  • I believe no matter how good things go, you will probably get hurt and sometimes it is by someone close to you.  Forgive, pray, hope, love AND BELIEVE!!!!
  • I believe those who seem to be exactly like you are not and at times will see a situation totally different than you do and I believe we accept, celebrate and pray for the differences.

Fasting – We don’t talk about this much.  Our Vincentian Day of prayer includes the title Fast.  Tuesday was chosen, however the day isn’t as important as praying and fasting.  As a Vincentian, we pray for those we serve and yes, we often pray for the resources to help those we serve.  Prayer works better if we fast.  Not to show others what we give up but for God’s eyes only we fast.  I think for women the hardest fast is chocolate and trust me I’m not suggesting this fast.  You choose your fast.  I think it is more powerful if you fast from things that draw you away from God.  Fasting from gossip, anger, selfishness, wasting time, jealousy and greed are big ones.  Some people fast from texting and should especially do this while driving.  You be the judge of yourself, it is not a contest, but a gift to God. As Vincentians we do not judge others.   It is in all our workshops – never, never, never judge!  Vincentians love and serve Christ in others.

Getting Ready – I’m not talking about spring although we pray it comes soon, I’m not sure about you, but I’m tired of looking for something good in all this bad weather, although, it keeps us humble.  I am talking about Lent and preparing ourselves.  We should be praying and thinking about this now.  Pray we stay focused, when the world distracts us.  Let us only be distracted by God in our heart.  Pray for us to be totally immersed in the Holy Spirit and the grace to always have God before us.  Pray our hearts and actions are always turned to God and you will be ready.  Prepare you the way of the Lord.  Get ready for your 40 days of worship, love and change.

Have a great week.  Keep going forward and feel the love.  You are in my prayers.  Remember to visit www.famvinorg/en and be prepared to search the site.  There is so much information, videos and teachings.  Also check out Lent on YouTube.  I encourage you to see the new movie, “Son of God”.  It is a good thing and a big movie.  Pray it helps to change the world.