Central City Apartments and new Health Center set to Open in May

by | Apr 20, 2024 | News | 1 comment

Depaul USA Daybreak in Macon is preparing to open the Central City Apartments and Phil and Alice Sheridan Health Center in May. The new apartments will offer mixed-income housing with 82 units, including one and two-bedroom options. Despite already receiving over 200 applications, they are still accepting more. The project is a partnership between Depaul USA Daybreak and the Macon Housing Authority, aiming to provide affordable housing for those working downtown. Additionally, the development will feature a 12-bed medical respite and an expanded medical clinic, including dental services. Sister Theresa Sullivan, the Director at Depaul USA Daybreak in Macon, expresses enthusiasm for the project’s potential impact on the community.

Read full article and see video interview here.


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  1. Arthur James Chapman

    What a fantastic demonstration of collaborative partnering.
    Well done to all involved!


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