Seventh issue of the Journal of Vincentian Social Action (JoVSA)

by | May 27, 2023 | Formation, News

St. John’s University Department of Mission Initiatives and the Faculty Research Consortium are happy to announce the publication of the seventh issue of its online resource, the Journal of Vincentian Social Action (JoVSA). This issue is “…dedicated to exploring various dimensions of servant leadership,” and the various authors “… have eloquently and convincingly explored and argued the significance and urgency to adopt servant leadership to manage and lead, particularly, academic institutions,” writes guest editor Basilio Monteiro.

JoVSA is a biannual peer reviewed scholarly publication engaging the local, national and global community on issues of poverty and social injustice in the service of the disadvantaged.

Rooted in the Catholic and Vincentian tradition, the Faculty Research Council and the Journal editors are dedicated to active research and direct service to those most in need. They seek to publish insight into the causes and consequences of poverty and believe that these actions can help alleviate suffering. They welcome novel research, conference proceedings, case studies, and position papers on contemporary topics that shed light on a direct route to help those in need.

The journal can be accessed here: