The Congregation of the Mission in Spain Mobilizes to Help Ukrainian Refugees

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In the letter of Tomaz Mavric, C. M. (Superior General) addressed to all the Missionaries of the Congregation and dated March 7th, he stated: It would be wonderful if our provinces in Europe also would be open to receiving refugees from the Ukrainian Vincentian Family who will be leaving the country or, in general, other Ukrainian refugees … I invite and encourage our provinces in Europe to reflect on this possibility, to see if some of the buildings we have could be used to receive refugees. I ask those provinces that can help to send the information directly to the General Secretariat, also mentioning the approximate number of persons they can receive, according to the availability of the buildings. In light of the clamorous, distressing and heartbreaking cries from the Ukrainian victims of this senseless war, the Province of San Vicente de Paúl-Spain of the Congregation of the Mission has begun to make a concrete option and to take an authentic, evangelical and Vincentian position. Thus, the Visitor of the Province, Fr. José Manuel Villar, C. M., published a circular letter on Friday, March 11th, outlining and explaining the recent decisions made in this regard. We cite, literally, from that letter and present here the eight decisions that were made:

[1] The Province has offered the University Residence in our house, Santa Marta de Tormes (Salamanca), admitting up to 10 young Ukrainian university students and providing them with scholarships in order to continue their studies. and scholarshiping up to 10 young Ukrainian university students in order to continue their studies. We will provide them with lodging and the Municipality of Santa Marta de Tormes City Council will take responsibility for everything related to their course work at the University: registration, accompaniment, supplies, etc.

[2] The company, Explorent Helmantica, in charge of managing our spirituality house in Santa Marta de Tormes (Salamanca), has offered temporary work to the war refugees. This is being done in collaboration with the Municipality of Santa Marta de Tormes who will provide these individuals with the necessary documentation.

[3] House in Ávila: in coordination with the Diocese of Ávila (Cáritas Diocesana) our Casa de Ávila has become a first reception center, that is, a temporary housing facility. As the individuals move along in the process, they will be given permanent housing.

[4] Our advisers and lawyers, in addition to accompanying us in all these activities, are studying the possibility of opening up other properties for this same purpose.

[5] Colegio de Marín. The company, Seimarin, which has leased our school in Marín, informed us and asked for our agreement to welcome Ukrainian families (about 15 to 20 families, numbering about 50 persons in total). This company will provide the families with lodging, will provide them with financial assistance to cover personal expenses and especially schooling expenses for their children. They will also hire Ukrainian teachers. Our participation in this initiative will be guided by our ability to respond to the request made by sponsoring company.

[6] We are in contact with and are ministering together with the Daughters of Charity and other Branches of the Vincentian Family..

[7] With Covide-Amve we have launched an initiative to raise funds for our Sisters and Missionaries.

[8] Our Province has opened an account; Ayuda a Ukraine (Help Ukraine): BBVA ES22 0182 0913 26 0018109808.


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