Evangelized By Others

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Formation

An article by L’Osservatore Romano describes Pope Francis’ calling attention to our sins of indifference. Sadly,

We limit ourselves to saying: “Oh, what a shame, poor people, they suffer so much”, and then we move on. Pope Francis explained that an encounter, however, is different: “If I do not look, — seeing is not enough, no: look — if I do not stop, if I do not look, if I do not touch, if I do not speak, I cannot create an encounter and I cannot help to create a culture of encounter”.

Obviously “creating encounters” is a hallmark of the Vincentian charism. Related .famvin posts (note: older articles may not reflect how we modify our methods of functioning in the post-Covid-19 world): Fostering a Culture of Encounter on Our Streets, How Blend Systemic Change and a Culture of Encounter?

For your reflection and sharing, see more in the presentation below.


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“Therefore, Messieurs, we must not hold on to anything whatsoever– our ease and comfort. Let’s leave everything to serve God and the neighbor.”
– St. Vincent de Paul (CCD 11:385)


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