Lessons Learned During the Pandemic, 21: To Live with Calmness and to Engage in Respectful and Active Listening

by | Nov 18, 2020 | Formation, Reflections

Each week a member of the Vincentian Family will share a part of his/her experience during recent months. From the depths of their heart these writers will present a message of hope because we are convinced that there are positive lessons to be learned from this pandemic.

This health crisis has tested me emotionally and I have discovered that  placing my trust in God is a WONDERFUL OPTION …  one that is worthwhile.

In Him and through Him I have felt “encompassed” and in a certain way “out of danger.”

Despite the strength that comes from faith, I have not been able to avoid a feelings of isolation, a certain fear, and even sadness

But, above all, I have taken refuge in meditative reflection and in serene listening. I have found more time for God, for prayer

The Lord has inspired me to provide greater support to my family and to collaborate with them … we now have more time to engage in family prayer.

Neighbors, friends, families (my own family as well as the families of those with whom I work), have been a great support and through various technological means, we have maintained communication (the celebration of the Eucharist, talks, virtual meetings, workshops, formation and information).

I have found more time to listen and encourage other people through video calls, offering ideas to vulnerable parishioners that have helped them deal with COVID-19 to vulnerable families of parish Caritas from the parishes of La Paz and Santa Teresa. I have also been able to make some financial contributions to a fund that has been established to help people move through these difficult days.

I have learned humility; I have shared empathy and comfort with people in need: they are great steps in the face of adversity.

I have learned to live with greater calmness and have learned to engage in respectful and active listening.   In fragility, God listens and makes himself heard.

María Ángeles Ramírez


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