coronavirus lessons

Lessons learned during a Pandemic, #24: Celebrate faith and hope with the poor

This year 2020, twelve years after I composed that song, I have discovered a new meaning of what it means, for a member of the Congregation, to celebrate the feast of Saint Vincent.

Lessons Learned During the Pandemic, 23: In Solidarity with Those who Suffer

I believe that there has been an extraordinary expression of solidarity among people, especially as people reach out to assist those who have suffered the most.

Lessons Learned During the Pandemic, 22: United Despite the Distance that Separates Us

We have been very close as a family despite the distance between our homes.

Lessons Learned During the Pandemic, 21: To Live with Calmness and to Engage in Respectful and Active Listening

This health crisis has tested me emotionally and I have discovered that  placing my trust in God is a WONDERFUL OPTION …  one that is worthwhile.

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