Acting with Compassion From the International Team of MISEVI

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MISEVI continues to be a vital part of the Vincentian Family, even amidst a global pandemic. Perhaps now, even more than ever, we realize the needs of those who are poor and marginalized, as we respond, each in our own way, in our individual countries.

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A quick update of our International team.

  • MISEVI International recently updated our Spiritual Guidelines, an essential document to guide each of the countries in preparing Vincentian missionaries. St. Vincent DePaul and St. Louise DeMarillac were so instrumental during their lives in France in recognizing the human dignity of each and every person. These spiritual guidelines are meant to ground us in that Vincentian charism, responding to the Gospel call of Jesus.
  • As MISEVI continues to grow and to be established in new places, we realize that:
    • Our statutes need to reflect the multi-cultural face of MISEVI.
    • Vincentian missionaries are already active and vital to the Vincentian way, whether or not they are part of an official organization. Our statutes, we believe, will help them to recognize and embrace their membership in our greater Vincentian family.
    • Some missionaries go to many parts of the world while others remain at home, serving within their own countries.
    • Therefore, we are in the process of revising our Statutes, with the goal of having them ready for the next International assembly in 2022, so that members will have the opportunity to vote on them.
  • Each country has its own leadership, which includes a group of lay Vincentians working together with a Vincentian priest and a Sister, both of whom are advisors. These countries now include:  Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and El Salvador, Spain, USA, Lebanon, Egypt, Ireland, Slovakia, and Poland.
  • MISEVI holds in prayer all parts of our world that are experiencing trauma and catastrophes. One example of this is the support we are offering Lebanon, as they experienced their recent disaster.
  • We are realizing the gift that we have as a global organization of connecting people to one another. An example of this is a recent opportunity to share MISEVI in Germany.  Watch for more information about this in the months to come.
  • We realize the privilege that we have of being members of the Vincentian Family. It seems that Vincent and Louise were so wise as they worked locally in France, but ultimately influenced a much broader base.  It is amazing to see the growth of the seeds that they planted and to realize the ways that this charism is a vital force in the world.  MISEVI, as one of the youngest members of this family, is grateful for this privilege.  We look forward to sharing more about the work of individual countries in the months to come.

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  1. Ross

    Fr. Maloney wrote almost thirty years ago in “Ten Helpful Distinctions”:

    At times when there are tensions between some Church members and the hierarchy or scandals within the hierarchy itself, it is useful to note that the Church is thriving at its roots in the lives of the poor.

    And, sadly, we only need to read today’s Crux ( and NCR ( to know about tensions nowadays in the Church.

    But thankfully, MISEVI members and the needy people they serve prove true St. Vincent’s and Fr. Maloney’s point that the poor have the true religion.