Lessons Learned During the Pandemic, #8: Focus on Important Things and Put Aside Those that are Merely Accessories

by | Aug 19, 2020 | Formation, Reflections

Each week a member of the Vincentian Family will share a part of his/her experience during recent months. From the depths of their heart these writers will present a message of hope because we are convinced that there are positive lessons to be learned from this pandemic.

During this pandemic, our reality has undergone significant changes. Many structures and life projects have gone by the wayside. It has directly affected freedom, mobility, the economy and work, for example, limitations have been placed on family relationships, schools have closed, and parish activities have been placed on hold.

As an elderly married couple, we have also suffered this isolation with uncertainties. We have had to depend on our children and yes, we have experienced fear of becoming infected, of dying and of having a loved one become infected and/or die.

But it has also been an opportunity for reflection, a time to realize the insignificance of many of our concerns. On a very deep level we miss our family and friends. Once again, we have become aware of the fact that only the Lord is above all world events. We have deepened our relationship with the Lord through many moments of prayer, the exposition of the Eucharist and Mass (events broadcast by the various media). We have honored our Blessed Mother by praying the rosary and during Holy Week we reflected on the passion by praying the Way of the Cross. We realize that only by faith have we been able to overcome the many moments of sadness and hopelessness.

We have experienced the pain and suffering of others and we have been constantly moved by pain and death as we listened to the sirens of ambulances and saw funeral cars pass in front of our windows. At the same time, we have also intensified our daily telephone contact with the most lonely and needy people. We have made some videos to encourage and entertain groups. We have also provided financial support to individuals with some very pressing needs.

What are we learning from all this? Not to lose sight of the risks and our absolute dependence on God, to make the most of each day that we live, and that we use these days to share more love with our family members as well as those outside our family circle … to dispense with which is not important.

Vicente Hernández,
President of the Vincentian Family and the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (Spain),
Inmaculada Escribano,
President of Vida Ascendente in Albacete.