Fr. Opeka Celebrates the Eucharist for All the People of Antananarivo

by | May 3, 2020 | News

This past Sunday, Divine Mercy Sunday (April 19), Fr. Pedro Opeka, a member of the Congregation of the Mission, ministering in Madagascar, together with countless priests throughout the world, celebrated the Eucharist in extraordinary conditions as a result of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus. He wanted to celebrate the Eucharist on the heights of Akamasoa where Pope Francis recently met with the local community. There Father overlooked the city and all the people who were unable (as a group) to approach him and participate in the Eucharistic celebration. Father Pedro celebrated the Eucharist, praying for divine mercy and a prompt solution to the global pandemic.

Fr. Pedro explained this celebration which was filled with symbolism:

I celebrated the Eucharist in the same place where Pope Francis blessed the quarry workers or Adamasoa. I felt that doing so in this place would allow all the people of Antananarivo to benefit from this celebration. God always helps us even when we, concerned about so many things in our everyday life, are not aware of such assistance.

Some Christians saw me celebrating the Eucharist and approached in silence. Respecting the need for social distancing, they sat one the ground and participate with great humility, fervor and joy. It was a very moving celebration.

Fuente: Facebook de Ana Soberón.