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Catholic missionary priest nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

The Prime Minister of Slovenia, has announced that he nominated Opeka for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize for his dedication to “helping people living in appalling living conditions.”

Learning From a Vincentian Nobel Prize Nominee

A Vincentian priest has made it his life’s work to “go out to the margins” of society and try to restore dignity to the “living scraps” of a “throwaway culture”. Pedro Opeka CM, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize… again.

The documentary “Opeka” Wins the Golden Palm at the Beverly Hills Film Festival

Yesterday, Saturday, June 20, the winners of the prestigious Beverly Hills Film Festival were announced. The documentary "Opeka," about the life and work of Pedro Opeka, a missionary of the Congregation of the Mission in Madagascar, has won the Golden Palm. The...

Film Documentary on Pedro Opeka, CM

A very skilled film-maker has submitted a documentary on Pedro Opeka’s work in Madagascar.

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