A Heart On Fire 400 Years Ago Shaped Our Church Today (Part 1)

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A Heart on Fire 400 Years Ago Shaped Our Church Today

by Fr. John Freund, CM

What can we learn from a man who lived 400 years ago?

On January 25, we celebrate the founding of the Congregation of the Mission by St. Vincent de Paul. His glowing sparks of practical love ignite the hearts of countless women and men today as much as they did 400 years ago.

St. Vincent’s legacy has stood the test of time because he not only changed his world, but [inlinetweet prefix=”St. Vincent de Paul” tweeter=”” suffix=””]anticipated many of the most exciting currents in today’s Church.[/inlinetweet]

Learn more in Part 1 of our new video series.

All the parts of this video series can be found here at VinFormation.

The narrative originally appeared in an article by John Freund, C.M. on the website of the Central Association of the Miraculous Medal.


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