Twitter Screamed

by | Aug 21, 2018 | Church, Formation, Social, Social Media | 1 comment

Yesterday, Twitter screamed about new revelations of sexual abuse, cover ups and abuse of power.

A theologian named Susan Reynolds from Emory University used a twitter thread to recount her experience of being in Church on Sunday. I was beginning to write an article, and I took a break. As I often do, I checked back with Twitter and saw a post on it on Millennial.

Go there now by clicking the image. Then come back and reflect.

Twitter Screamed

1. Still think social media is a distraction?
2. What can you do to defend the marginalized on Twitter?



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  1. Dee Mansi

    This hit hard! I’m here in Dublin at the World Meeting of Families and this topic is high in people’s thoughts and talk. Our culture is so entwined with our “Mother Church” that those of us wanting to belong are fighting within our own families! This is not apathy against organised religion – it’s anger, it’s huge betrayal, it’s visceral hatred of those who should have cared for us but callously used us. Constant re-telling of my positive Vincentian Family experiences is my only defence. I pray we clear the cancer and begin afresh. Twitter can help with positive tweets – social media can help turn the tide.