“What is Happening with Immigrant Reception Policies is Intolerable” (SSVP Italy)

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Disasters and Responses, Formation, News

“There is still a beautiful Italy, ready to welcome, to integrate, to give work, to help these people, be they refugees, asylum seekers or simply ‘economic migrants.’ An Italy that goes on thanks to their work, will, sacrifice. They are men and women like us, different only for the culture, for the lived experiences, bringing many wounds in their interior, but with the same needs and dreams that we do.”

This is what the National Federation of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul reminds us of, in a statement in which it emphasizes that “in policies for welcoming immigrants, truth and humanity are necessary.”

“We have heard everything against this ‘invasion’ that comes from Africa: they do not even pick up those small bodies without life, rescued by those who still feel pity for a child that, although is not theirs, is as if he were,” says the statement.

“Where is humanity? Humanity! Word that seems meaningless, not only for our part, but for all those around the world that took a populist, nationalist, sovereignist turn … in which reason, compassion, mercy or simple solidarity are returned to the sender.”

“The Society of St. Vincent de Paul — it is remembered — has always been concerned with the poor and the weak, and has worked to build social justice, within an ideal of charity.” Because of this — says the Society of St. Vincent de Paul — we can not tolerate what is happening today in Italy and Europe, on immigration policies, a phenomenon that will last for years.To manage it, locks are not needed, but shared and intelligent options, which combine rules and rights with a sense of humanity. Because humanity is one, and only humanity unites peoples and generates peace.”