Echo the Voice of the Poor @SVDPUSACouncil

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Formation, Social Media

Using Twitter? You help SVDP’s Voice of the Poor and lots of other Vincentian Twitterers by using handles (@) and hashtags (#) in your tweets and retweets!

Look at that tweet. Short, powerful messages accompanied by particular and well-chosen hashtags and strong, informative video can help advance an effort. As the time to vote comes closer, you can make an impact. So, echo the voice of the poor in lots of ways. Listen to them. Get to know them like members of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul know them. And tweet. Do it NOW by logging into your twitter account and then come back here and click and tweet to invite folks to [inlinetweet] Read this article on using Twitter to be the Voice of the Poor @voiceofthepoor and share it with others[/inlinetweet]

Next, click the bird and retweet the Voice of the Poor’s original tweet right now!