Easter Proclamation of the Basic Ecclesial Communities of the IV Region of Nicaragua

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Formation, Reflections

Brothers and Sisters,

Happy Easter! Let us have a big hug, full of joy and fullness! Because the whole of humanity, the entire creation is still resurrecting with Jesus!

Easter is crossing.
We went from nothing to being, and it was the Passover of Creation.
We went from slavery to freedom,
and it was easter of liberation.
We went from death to life, and it was the Easter of resurrection. And the light shone forever.

But we overshadow that light, we fill it with darkness and this Easter hurts us

For the misuse of technology, the cruel violence against women, the exploitation and sexual abuse of children; the individualism, the wars.

This Easter hurts us because of the cruelty against nature, the polluting mining, the shortage of water, the deforestation, the extinction of fauna, the garbage thrown without conscience, the pollution of rivers, lakes and lagoons.

This Easter hurts us becasue of the corruption, the abuse of male-dominated, political, economic, and religious power. The labor exploitation. The loneliness and human incomprehension. The drug trafficking, the discrimination against migrants, the unemployment, the toxic human relationships.

Sisters and brothers, let’s make Easter, let’s be Easter:

Personally: Going from pride to humility, from abuse to service, from greed to solidarity, from violence to tenderness, from gossip to constructive criticism, from hatred to love. That is Easter.

In the family: move from the submission of women to sharing equally. From shouting and bad gestures, to respect, patience and understanding. From beatings and abuses, to a life free of all violence. That is Easter.

In organizations: to pass from the abuse of power, authoritarianism, the privileges of bosses and unique leadership; to power as a service, as a promotion of other leaderships. To move from arrogance to listening, tolerance, affection. That is Easter.

To create structures of justice and equality in the political, economic, social, religious, cultural issues, and between men and women; to destroy and overcome capitalism and neoliberalism, to destroy and overcome the patriarchal and macho system: all that is Easter.

To stop discriminating against people because of their sexual identity, because of their political or religious options, because of their belonging to different ethnics or groups, because of their disability situation, whatever their life forms are different from their own: that is Easter.

To promote the dignity of all people, of all creation, respect human rights and land rights: that is Easter.

Sisters, brothers, this is the most significant night and day for Christian communities around the world. JESUS ​​RISEN IS PLAIN LIFE.

This light that enlightens us, the light of Jesus, this community of Jesus that we are, must infect us with encouragement, with positive energy, to live and bring life, to renew hopes and bring hope, to fully experience Easter:

Jesus risen, is equality between men and women!

Jesus risen is freedom!

Jesus risen is the way to build Another Possible World!

Jesus risen is the certainty that the world is on the march of liberation and will not be stopped by selfish, capitalist or patriarchal interests!

Jesus risen is a permanent revolution!

Jesus risen is love, solidarity, affection, tenderness, reconciliation with justice, tolerance, understanding, joy, conversion; everything is new and we have a common house for everyone.

Jesus risen is liberation from all fears, from all superstitions, from all slavery!

Jesus risen is our salvation with the salvation of the planet, the salvation of the forests, the waters, the animals, the plants, the air; the release of plastic garbage and all toxic waste!

Jesus risen is the strength of our commitment, responsibility, our militancy, perseverance; our fidelity, our conversion and delivery; only by giving life we are truly happy.

The example of Jesus is our strength, as well as the example of so many martyrs, men and women, of so many people who fight for peace and justice, who we know, they are among our peoples, are part of our people. In particular, in this month of March, we commemorate Monsignor Romero and Berta Cáceres that illuminate our path alongside Jesus.

That our life, be a PERMANENT EASTER, in the personal, family, community, social, ecological, environmental and planetary aspects.

May the spirit of the Risen Jesus comfort us!
Happy Easter!