Bl. Pierre-René Rogue, C.M., Martyr of the French Revolution

by | Mar 2, 2018 | Formation

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the death of Pierre-René Rogue, the third beatified confrere of the Revolution. He was a native of Vannes in Brittany, France. He did all his priestly ministry in that town and was guillotined there on 3 March 1796. Fr. Thomas Davitt, C.M. explains:

In France the period of the Revolution is complex and difficult to understand in detail. For our purposes it is enough to say that it gradually took on a very anti-religious aspect, and in particular an anti-clerical one. There were various oaths which priests were asked to take, about loyalty to the State. These meant rejection of the Holy See and loyalty to a State-sponsored Church. Eventually, the penalty for not taking these oaths, or for working as a priest without having taken the oaths, was death.

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