Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Mission Embedded @SpaldingU

by | Feb 25, 2018 | News, Other Branch News

Long after a historically dynamic and personal presence has waned at a Vincentian Family institution, The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth continue to form lives. Their mission is embedded in structures and lives.

Consultant and entrepreneur Dana Jackson, alumna of Spalding University member of its Board of Trustees since 2004 says:

The mission of Spalding really in many ways is sort of my life’s mission. It’s of high importance to me. I’ve spent the majority of my working career really focused on equity, closing opportunity gaps and disparities, particularly around child well-being, community well-being and education. I really think that’s the work that Spalding does as well. I think the best way to do that work is with the understanding of equity, with a spirit of compassion and to do it with a lens and focus on social justice. That’s how Spalding does its work, and it holds education as the great equalizer. I think that shows up in the demographics of the student body. It’s all in the DNA of the leadership at Spalding, and it’s in the DNA of the offerings at the college.

Spalding defines itself as “… an inclusive community of people who are fundamentally different from one another. We humbly accept each other for who we are. We represent a cross-section of society.” They paint a picture of a community that says “yes” to God’s diverse world.

We are a community of learners made up of artists, veterans, activists, parents, religious leaders, LGBTQIA community members and athletes. We are all of these people and more. We have different abilities, ideals, cultures, backgrounds, goals and passions. We cultivate a supportive space for all of our students to learn and grow.

Since 1814, we have been serving our communities in the tradition of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth with a spirit of inclusiveness and compassion.

Learn more about their tradition, the tradition of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, and enjoy this video. They’re family!