Student-Mobility Outcomes at St. John’s Receive Top National Recognition 

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The University is the #1 Catholic institution in the nation on the list of “Colleges with the Highest Student-Mobility Rates,” according to The Chronicle of Higher Education.

In a recent national ranking that encapsulates the founding and enduring mission of St. John’s, the University was recognized as the number one four-year Catholic college or university in the country for its high student-mobility rate.

The student-mobility rating, published by The Chronicle of Higher Education, measures how effectively every public and private institution of higher education in the United States enrolls students from low-income backgrounds and graduates them into well-paying jobs. In the ranking that measures how recent graduates’ income brackets surpass those of their parents, St. John’s stands out among Catholic and private colleges and universities.

“It is the hope and dream of every parent that his or her child exceeds their own accomplishments and finds success,” said Dr. Gempesaw. “The recent affirmation of St. John’s by The Chronicle of Higher Education reminds us of our enduring Vincentian mission of transforming the lives of our students. It also serves to reinforce what has been the story of St. John’s since our humble beginnings nearly 150 years ago.”

The ranking, based on data collected by the Equality of Opportunity Project’s research, “Mobility Report Cards: The Role of Colleges in Intergenerational Mobility,” is a study that compared the median parent household income for students at colleges and universities nationwide.

While many national rankings focus on the profile of incoming students by measuring student acceptance rates and standardized test scores, the mobility index measures student outcomes after graduation. The study examined data-driven variables for institutions such as tuition, the economic profile of the student body, graduation rates, early career salary data, and the percentage of students who significantly improve their economic standing after completing their education.

Based on the research shared in the study, St. John’s University was ranked first among Catholic colleges and universities nationwide. Among all four-year, private, nonprofit institutions, the University placed second. When combining all public and private institutions, St. John’s was ranked 15th out of more than 3,000 four-year, postsecondary institutions.

St. John’s has long been recognized as a university that provides students the opportunity to achieve a quality and affordable Catholic education. In recent years, the University has invested significant financial resources and made strategic investments in campus facilities, as well as the hiring of outstanding faculty and other personnel. The University community has worked to ensure student support, allocate institutional dollars to facility and technology improvements, expand career services, and create greater opportunity for local, national, and global partnerships.

Source: St. John’s News

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  1. Tom McK

    What a wonderful stat for a Vincentian-connected institution!