Homeless DePaul University Students now have a Place to Call Home

by | Oct 17, 2017 | News, Other Branch News, Poverty: Analysis and Responses

After much planning and hard work, there will be a Grand Opening and Fundraiser for Depaul USA’s First Dax House: a house for homeless university students.

On October 19, 2017, from 5:30pm – 8:30pm, stakeholders and the DePaul USA’s extended community will gather in the Chicago Pilsen neighborhood, at 717 West 18th Street, to witness the grand opening of Dax House, a place of residence for homeless DePaul University students. Individual tickets and sponsorships can be purchased online at https://give.depaulusa.org/daxhouse. All proceeds will support the Dax House.

Since 2015, Depaul USA’s Dax program has collaborated with DePaul University to provide safe housing. The program also offers its students emotional and financial support. The university estimates that 50 or more of its students are homeless or housing insecure during a given quarter.

Anthony, a resident of Dax House says, “What Dax has truly given me (aside from the free dorm, bike, bus fare, and meal plan) is peace of mind.”

Serving six US cities: Chicago, Little Rock, Macon, New Orleans, Philadelphia and St. Louis; Depaul USA is part of Depaul International, a worldwide family of charities working with people who are marginalized and homeless. Depaul International is inspired by the values of Saint Vincent de Paul, a major social reformer in 17th Century France.

“I am excited that Depaul USA’s Dax House can provide homeless students with a place to study, eat, sleep and be at peace.” – Charles W. Levesque, President/Executive Director, Depaul USA

To learn more about this, please contact:
Charles W. Levesque, President/Executive Director
Depaul USA Headquarters
Post Office Box 756
Chicago, Illinois 60690
Office: (312) 362-5191
Email: charles.levesque@depaulusa.org

Candace Anderson is Director of Operations, Depaul USA Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois (USA)


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