Symposium of the Vincentian Family 2017

by | Oct 15, 2017 | News, Vincentian Family | 2 comments


“I believe it is a gift from God to us to be able to celebrate this event together with Pope Francis, who will join us on Saturday, October 14. We are also privileged to have the reliquary with the Heart of St. Vincent, which has begun its journey throughout the world, with us in Rome for this weekend. It is a great blessing for the entire Vincentian Family and a beautiful opportunity for us to be renewed in our missionary zeal.” (Fr. Mavrič on March 8′ 2017)

And so it has been. Keep following and famvin on Facebook and Twitter for more information and sharing of the Symposium experience.


  1. Mary Frances and Bill Jaster

    Greetings Aiden! We just returned from the Symposium. It was wonderful. We had 9 in our group. One board member and the rest CVV alum. Aiden, we were wondering how to get a link or a copy of the video that was shown at the gathering on Saturday? We have a board retreat soon and would like to show it. We would also like to show it to our volunteers. Thanks for all you do to encourage the Vincentian family. We hope you are enjoying Niagra!
    Blessings! Mary Frances and Bill