Towards the Peripheries of Life (15 and last): The Beginning of Something Big

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Disasters and Responses, News

August 13, 2017. In the provincial house of Seville our journey towards the peripheries comes to an end. They have been long and intense days, full of emotions, tears and suffering, but also of joy and hope. From the day we left our homes until we return to them an eternity seems to have passed and now we are unable to return to our reality without further ado. We have seen so much, we have heard so many shocking testimonies and accompanied so many people in situations of pain that we feel internally changed.

Immigrants welcomed in Spain who have managed to continue their studies and find a decent job, young people who explain how they managed to cross the border that separated them from Spain and avoided death on their way, smiles of children and old people happy to see young people willing to give them all their affection, trafficked mothers who remake their lives, HIV patients cared for by the Daughters, immigrant settlements and greenhouses in extreme conditions, children living in the streets without any kind of protection, people apparently invisible in the eyes of the rest of the population…

As you can imagine, one can not return to being the one he was after having witnessed situations of injustice increased by the indifference of a selfish world with too much self admiration, and that lacks the ability to give a little, maybe much, to others. We went out to be salt and light of the earth, to bring our enthusiasm and our joy towards the poorest, the favored of the Father. And so we did, we surrendered, with open hands and heart attentive to the needs of our sisters and brothers, to serve them in the same way Christ did.

Our return to Spain has been easy, we have not had to suffer nor risk our life for it. And now that we are here we feel lost, our spirit is shaken to think of each and every person we have met, those with whom we shared, who welcomed us and those who received us into their homes. We do not know what the next step will be, but we are convinced that we have to get down to work and spread this message to others by our example and vision. The mustard seed has already been sown, now it is a matter of watering it so that it begins to grow.

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