July 9: Feast Day of St. Francis Regis Clet

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Formation

As reported in an earlier post on the Revision of the Vincentian Liturgical Calendar, the celebration of the memorial of Saint Francis Regis Clet was recently moved from 18 February to 9 July, in order to unite the memorial with that of other martyrs of the same category in the universal calendar.

So we’ve put together a brand new presentation on the life of St. Francis Regis Clet, available below. But first, let’s let this quote from an article by Fr. Thomas Sendlein, C.M. (who himself spent more than two decades serving in China) set the stage:

Fr. Thomas Sendlein. Photo: cammonline.org

“The journey of Francis Regis Clet was long and exhausting – six long months. In his day, there were no airplanes, just a boat. The way was roundabout. The exact destination was unsure. The terrain was difficult. The political situation was hostile. The language was a mystery. It was a journey from France to the so-called ‘Middle Kingdom,’ which seemed to the French the far side of the world and from which Francis Regis Clet realized that he would never return. Only his remains made the journey back to France.”

The presentation is available 3 ways: SlideShare (for online viewing), PDF (for printing or offline viewing), and PowerPoint (which includes transitions and animations).

Download PDF Download PPT