What Makes A Great Video?

by | Jun 6, 2017 | Social, Social Media

What makes a great video for web or for Facebook?

From the people at Buffer on Medium.com we have some hints from the marketing world.

Buffer Intro Video Proof 2

So let’s break it down in our language:

  1. Focus on stories, not on convincing anybody.
  2. Be simple, and use the first few seconds wisely.
  3. Think about who you’re talking to: target your audience.
  4. Tell your story visually.
  5. Ask people to do something: call them to act;
  6. Use keywords in your title and write a description of your video: this helps search engines find you.
  7. Collaborate – even outside of the Vincentian Family!

Thanks to Buffer on Medium for this great article and tutorial! .famvin encourages you to read this thoroughly. It’s a great guide!

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