The Five-Hour Rule

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Sometimes, you run into something on the web or on blogs that is just helpful to share. The Five-Hour Rule is one of those things.

Five hpur rule

The Five-hour rule is about lifelong learning and the commitment to it. Online learning is the wave of the present (no, not the future because the future is now). Michael Simmons writes in the Observer:

We need to move beyond the cliché, “Lifelong learning is good,” and think more deeply about the minimum amount of learning the average person should do per day to have a sustainable and successful career.

Just as we have minimum recommended dosages of vitamins and steps per day and of aerobic exercise for leading a healthy life physically, we should be more rigorous about how we as an information society think about the minimum doses of deliberate learning….

Simmons is talking about the relationship between economic gains and lifelong learning, but the Five-hour rule is really about lifelong learning and effectiveness in any situation.

Read about and reflect upon this Five-hour rule by clicking on this link. He notes that successful people are committed to lifelong learning — especially reading online — and that when they use it, “…the Five-hour rule often fell into three buckets: reading, reflection, and experimentation.”

Then come back and honestly answer these question:

With what do you fill your “buckets?”

Would you like to see .famvin provide an online learning platform?

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