Four Lessons: Responding to the Homelessness Crisis

by | Apr 23, 2017 | Formation

In a recent article, “Four Lessons from Leading Companies Responding to the Refugee Crisis,” Philippe Sion, Jaclyn Marcatili, Laura Watry give a “map” for the Vincentian Family when thinking about homelessness.

4 lessons

They said,

Inspired by a recent blog written about the role of corporations during the refugee crisis, this panel explored the ways that corporations like Airbnb, Cisco, LinkedIn, and UPS are currently responding to the refugee crisis, including how to partner with large NGOs like Save the Children.

Read the entire article, then return here and think about these adaptations of their 4 key lessons:

  1. Family groups and congregations must leverage their core capabilities to achieve social impact.

  2. Homelessness is a complex issue that requires a systemic change view.

  3. Collaboration is crucial for impact.

  4. Leadership support and member engagement drive actions.

How will you implement these lessons?