Hospice Care for the Homeless

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On his Facebook page, Reinhard Kofler, CM tells a story of an innovative Vincentian approach to hospice care with the homeless. VINZIDORF (translated: “Saint Vincent’s village”) takes care of the homeless to the next level…Hospice care.

Wolfgang Pucher, CM introduces the first hospice care for the homeless

In Graz (Austria) there is a little village near the church of Saint Leonhard made with containers called VINZIDORF (translated: “Saint Vincent’s village”). It was built for homeless men, who are not welcome anywhere else because of alcohol problems and personal behavioral problems. Young Vincentians and many volunteers serve them day and night.

In my time of studying theology in Graz I served often, most of the time in the night from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am in the morning. It was a very moving time to get so closely in touch with people you would not normally like to meet on the street. In this village, they live together with rules and accompanied by Vincentian volunteers.

Some days ago, a new project has started in VINZIDORF: a hospice for dying inhabitants from this “village.”  The bishop of Styria and the governor of the county Styria came with Father Wolfgang Karl Pucher, a famous Vincentian priest, who cares for the poorest of the poor, to inaugurate the new hospice. Doctors and sisters from the hospital, run by the Sisters of Saint Elisabeth, care for the dying inhabitants of Saint Vincent’s village.

It is a new Vincentian work of the Vincentian Fathers Brothers in Austria! Maybe you also have some encouraging stories of Vincentian life!

He concludes with, “Let’s exchange the stories of life as young Vincentians!  We are all interested in what’s going on with Vincentian young people worldwide!”

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