Facebook Live: Tips

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Social, Social Media

Here are some tips for Facebook Live from social media guru John Haydon:

Facebook Live Tip #1: Don’t freak out

Mistakes will be made. No matter how much you prepare, every now and then something goes wrong. This is especially true when trying something for the first time like Facebook Live.

Tip #2: Get your feet wet with a small group

If you are going to make mistakes, it’s best to do it in front of people you trust, like friends.

Tip #3: Pick a SPECIFIC topic people WANT to discuss

Obviously want to pick a topic that people want to discuss. The more specific and relevant your topic is, the better.

Tip #4: Live broadcast your next event

Many of your supporters won’t be able to attend your event, but they would love to participate via Facebook live, if possible.

Tip #5: Tell people WHEN you’re going live

Facebook live isn’t that exciting if no one shows up. Make sure your core supporters show up when you go live.

Tip #6: Make an outline for your broadcast

You’ll be less nervous if you jot down an outline of your broadcast on a small index card.

Tip #7: Make sure the BANDWIDTH is healthy

Because Facebook live streams video, it will require more bandwidth than a phone call.

Tip #8: Write a compelling description

When you’re ready to go live, you will be prompted to write a description for your broadcast.

Tip #9: Respond to commenters

The cool thing about Facebook live is that you can see comments as they’re posted real time during your broadcast. This is a unique opportunity to have an authentic discussion with your supporters.

Tip #10: Ask for FOLLOWS

You can’t just read these tips an launch in. There are actually twelve! Read the whole article, post the cool infographic above your desk, and practice! Here are more “tips and tricks” directly from the Facebook Team.

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