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by | Feb 14, 2017 | Formation, Vincentian Family

Whenever we attend any Vincentian Family Gatherings, Matt and I always introduce our children (who are ages 3 and 1) as the littlest Vincentians of the Family.

While we constantly have the “raise little Vincentians” voice in the backs of our heads, I wonder, do all Vincentians have this little voice in their heads? If not, you really should. We all should, whether we have our own kids or not, and whether we are lay Vincentians, DCs, SCs, CMs, AIC members, St. Vincent de Paul Society Members or one of the 275 branches of our Vincentian Family. Why? Well, that’s easy…we have been helping those in need for 400 years – and we want to keep going for another 400+!

I recently came across the website for Scotland’s “Mini Vinnies.” This is one of many examples of how we are cultivating youth within the Vincentian family, specifically within the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. From their site:

Mini Vinnies is an SSVP group in a primary school. It is a group of young people who get together to help people in need within their school and local community. Mini Vinnies introduces children to social justice issues, to the Society of Vincent de Paul and to living faith through action.

The actions of a Mini Vinnies group generally involve three components:

  • ‘See’ – Education and awareness. Becoming aware of some of the community’s social ills and knowing that although the world is beautiful, there are always ways to make it a bit better.
  • ‘Think’ – Formation. This is a chance for Mini Vinnies to participate in spiritual activities, personal development and discussions, and to develop a real understanding of the world.
  • ‘Do’ – Community service and fundraise. ‘Doing’ means supporting the SSVP in its good works, and for the children to do something about the issues that they have seen, thought about or discussed.
How are you cultivating youth amongst the Vincentian Family? Within your branch?

Consider helping to raise young Vincentians and learn more about the Youth Branches of our Vincentian Family below!

Vincentian Marian Youth International

Vincentian Marian Youth USA

Vincentian Mission Corps

Vincentian Lay Missionaries USA

Colorado Vincentian Volunteers

Heartland Charity Volunteers

Junior Ladies of Charity USA

SVDP Youth and Young Adults

Vincentian Volunteers of Cincinnati

Missionary Cenacle Volunteers

SC Nazareth Lay Volunteers

Don’t see your group here? Contact us!

Are you already helping to raise young Vincentians? Share your story by clicking here – we’d love to highlight what is going on with our youth! You never know – maybe you will inspire part of the Vincentian Family to start their own youth branch!