Cefonin Dining Hall of Dschang (Cameroon)

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Dear Benefactors,

I would like to introduce you to 4 boys. Their mother leaves home very early in the morning to clean a family’s home and she returns home around 6:00. She has a small salary of 38 € per month. We found the children in a very poor nutritional state. But since they came each day to eat at CEFONIN, they have changed. We help them also with their schooling.


The eldest must take care of leaving in the morning with his brothers to go to school, since there is a danger currently in Dschang, children are stolen to take their organs. There are days when there is no school and so the children arrive at the “Cefonin” Dining Hall all dirty. Fortunately, we have a shower and the means to dress them with some clean clothes to be able to dress them.

1479225960picture2When they arrive every day, leaving school, they all come happy, entering the dining room they politely greet [us]: Hello my Sister, Hello maman (the cook), and what really struck me is their way of saying, Thank you! Each time they receive a plate of food, and a glass of milk, etc. The great joy is that when there is a celebration and we can offer them a small bottle of juice and some cookies….they are truly children who have nothing and they are happy with the little that we give them.

They always have joy and they all eat with a very good appetite; all is very good and they leave saying to the cook, Thank you maman, the meal was very good, see you tomorrow, Thank you my Sister, see you tomorrow.

They are very grateful for everything that can be offered to them: and we, the Sisters, we are also very happy and grateful to be able to count on your generosity in favor of all the children (40) who come to the CEFONIN Dining Hall.

Every day we pray with the children blessing the table, for the benefactors who give us joy and food. You are receiving thanks from those who say, “I was hungry and you gave me food.” Thank you! Thank you!

A Daughter of Charity
Source: Daughters of Charity International Projects Services, http://www.daughtersips.org/experience/

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