30 Years of Ministering to NYC’s Homeless Population

by | Oct 11, 2016 | News, Sisters of Charity | 3 comments

One of our sisters (Sister Dorothy Gallant, SC) knew a Sister of Mercy (Sister Teresa Skehan, RSM) and they were very distressed with the homeless people that they would meet on the street who often had no one to talk to, people would walk around them, almost treat them as if they were objects rather than people.

At Fort Washington Men’s Shelter, nicknamed “the house of pain,” these two sisters would come each week and “gather folks around, invite them to talk together and pray together.”

This ministry to New York City’s homeless population, called Life Experience Faith Sharing Associates, is celebrating its 30th Anniversary during the Sisters of Charity of New York’s Bicentennial (200th) Year of Service. In the video below, team members recall the early days of this organization and reflected on the impact it has made in their lives:

Source: Sisters of Charity NY YouTube Channel


  1. Sister Barbara Einloth

    This is VERY inspiring! Thank you for creating LEFSA, giving people respect and hope, and thanks for sharing it here! Impressive ministry.

  2. Marguerite Broderick

    Wonderful, moving report on a beautiful legacy for 30 yrs of giving to the homeless in NY.
    Thank you Sister Teresa and Sister Dorothy for your collaboration and love for these brave folks.

  3. Colette Hanlon, S.C. (Seton Hill)

    Congratulations on such a powerful ministry and an informative and uplifting video. Would that we could all be as successful in housing the homeless!