Living Their Values @NiagaraUniv

by | Sep 18, 2016 | Formation, Reflections

What makes a Vincentian? At a fundamental level, Vincentians are people committed to living their values.


“It was nice to see Niagara standing by their values,” said Gabriel, an English major. “I love how Niagara University gives back to the local communities and is really integrated into the communities of Lewiston and Niagara Falls.”

Participating in “mission experiences” and “plunges” has become the norm on many college campuses. At Niagara University, 32 students took the plunge to start living their values. Few of them are members of a Vincentian Family branch, but they are “Vincentians of Wherever.”

Michael Freedman writes, “An ancillary benefit for the new students participating in the Plunge is that they have an extra few days to connect with classmates over a common goal. Along with assisting the less fortunate, the students engage in daily prayer and reflection, learn about the legacy of St. Vincent de Paul and enjoy numerous team-building activities…”

Notably, Freedman captures the necessary component of teaching a new generation about living their values.

Most importantly, the upperclassmen exposed the new students to a microcosm of Niagara University’s Catholic and Vincentian mission, values and traditions.

Living certain values characterizes Vincentians of Wherever. Read the whole article at NUNews.