The Evolution of St. Vincent’s Spiritual Vision

by | Sep 18, 2016 | Formation | 2 comments

The following video describes how St. Vincent’s spiritual vision evolved over several decades, as he was influenced by his collaborators (particularly his work with Louise de Marillac, the Ladies of Charity, and the Daughters of Charity). He also allowed himself to be shaped by each of his encounters with persons living in different forms of poverty.

The video is based on the essay “Vincent de Paul in Châtillon: The birth of a new spiritual vision” by Jaime Corera, C.M.


  1. Sister Honora Remes

    Thank you for a watchable insight into our Vincentian tradition. It was good, but I think we are now into an even deeper dimension of charity we call systemic change action ….

    • Monica

      Absolutely, Sister Honora– thank you. I was chatting with a colleague on the Famvin team who appreciated your comment as well, while noting that this piece is about the evolution of St. Vincent’s vision; in additional posts we can expand to cover the evolution of the “Vincentian” vision.

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