Are you a Candidate for the .famvin Editorial Team?

by | Aug 30, 2016 | Announcements, Featured, News, Social

Our international digital network, .famvin, has been very lucky over the last 20 years to work with a team of excellent editors, several of whom have served from the very first day on. We are grateful to all of the volunteers who have shared or continue to share their professional expertise to maintain the high quality goals of this site. It’s time for you to get involved!


We have many opportunities right now and are seeking applicants for these Editorial Team volunteer positions for two feature sections of

#IamVincent Section Editors (4 volunteer positions available)

For the last year, I have served as editor for this weekly feature on I will continue in the role, but we need four (4) new co-editors. The position requires someone who:

  • Can commit to writing one article a month.
  • Enjoys surfing the Vincentian web sites and Facebook accounts for great international resources relevant to our readers.
  • Enjoys contacting and chatting with other young Vincentians.
  • Will select a topic of interest, find online information on the topic, and write each article in an informative way.

Vincentians of Wherever Editors (4 volunteer positions available)

This feature section of is the least structured. Articles can include: “what are they doing now?” pieces on former Vincentian volunteers; re-blogs of stories of “Vincentian” activity, even if the person or persons involved are not “official” members of a Vincentian group; and interviews – especially audio, video — of volunteers and leaders of volunteers with something valuable to share. Does this variety intrigue you? We are seeking section editors who:

  • Are willing to plan out each article.
  • Will either write or compile the material each month, or
  • Will solicit a quarterly contribution from someone in the field.

We welcome the opportunity to add more video in the future, so an editor who is comfortable conducting and recording online interviews would be wonderful.

We are looking for four (4) co-editors for this section, so you are only committing to producing one article a month.

Some Benefits of Joining Our Editorial Team

  • Motivation to expand your own professional development (and an “excuse” to set aside time for learning about the broad range of Vincentian activity).
  • The chance to build your resume (and pride!) as a published author who contributes to the profession internationally.
  • An opportunity to become acquainted with a network of Vincentian resources colleagues all over the world.
  • Help grow and advance our mission as Vincentians of service to and evangelization with the poor.

Apply Now

All members of the editorial team are supported by .famvin Managing Editors Liz Astridge (English), Javier Chento (Spanish) and Émile Ghali (French) to move from concept to final article. To express interest in either role, please contact us. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Please remember that .famvin depends on its readers to submit articles – which is also how we collectively grow and advance our mission of service to and evangelization with the poor and volunteer leadership! Short (300 words) medium (600-1200 words) and long (1200+ words) are welcome.

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