Blogging for Others

by | Jul 3, 2016 | Formation, Reflections, Social Media


In a little blog called “The Known Soul” I encountered this.

After the distractions fade away, what are we left with?
What sorts of things have we glanced past while we run around all day long?

It was one evening a few weeks ago that I looked outside, and saw the sunset. I watched the orange sink lower into the horizon, as clouds turned pink, higher, and higher. Birds flew overhead, darting around in the pink air. I ran outside, without my shoes, without a camera, and held my hand up to eye level. I saw the orange glow around my fingers, bathing my skin in a light that seems so uncommon.

I suddenly noticed, and wished I could never forget.
And when your eyes and mind can focus together, distractions quiet.
The whole world hushes.

Notice the sunset.
Notice the person you love.
Notice what’s happening around you when others don’t.

Do you blog? Do you journal — then consider blogging. There are a number of easy platforms where you can share your reflections for the benefit of the Vincentian Family. I blog at It’s an easy-to-use, clean design. It costs nothing.

“Noticing” is part of the Vincentian charism. If you don’t pay attention, you won’t encounter Jesus. Not in the poor. Not in yourself.

So, notice. reflect. Write. Blog. Share what you noticed for the good of your sisters and brothers.

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