The Future is Without Apps: Now on Social

by | Apr 12, 2016 | Social, Technology: Issues and Uses


The future is without apps, or so they say…. We may soon no longer need to install apps with help from Google and Apple.

“There’s an App for That.” You’ve heard it. It’s the trademarked slogan that defined the mobile world since 2008.

Surely, apps seemed to be the way to go. Coding bootcamps that claimed to teach you app development chops within weeks popped up everywhere; products used commercials to go out of their way and show off their new apps; heck, even that family restaurant around the block got its own menu app built. Heck, heck, HECK… even .famvin has apps (on vinformation.) Read the rest of this interesting article, then come back and answer any or all of these four questions in the comments:

  • Do you use the .famvin apps?

  • Did you even know they were there?

  • Would you miss them if they were gone?

  • Do you have suggestions for new ones?