Who is the Patron Saint of Social Workers?

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st-louise-facebookMarch 11:
Anniversary of the Canonization of St. Louise de Marillac

In different times we hold up different models as examples of holiness. In our present time, we find holiness in people such as [Saint] JPII, Mother Teresa and Sr. Dorothy Stang. They were people so grounded in prayer and their relationship with Christ that action must flow from them. They were each able to stand up strong about the rights and dignity of all people despite the opposition all around them.

St. Louise de Marillac, co-founder of the Daughters of Charity, died in 1660–this is the 350th anniversary of her death. Yet, she wasn’t canonized until 1934. I believe it is because she is a saint for this present time. She was a great leader and changed the face of social work forever– all this because Christ was the center of her life.

Through this season of Lent and into Easter, have we grown in holiness? Have we centered our life more on Christ? Do we reach out more to those in need as Christ did? Especially those considered outcasts of mainstream society? If not, the blessing is we still have today, tomorrow and the next days to work on it!”

From the 2010 article What Does Holiness Look Like?, by Sr. Denise LaRock, DC, which appeared on the blog “The Spirit of Charity”.

For a collection of multimedia resources about St. Louise, visit this page on VinFormation.

Interesting perspective from 1934:
The Daughters of Charity Provincial Archives ran a series of detailed first-hand accounts from Sisters who traveled to Rome for St. Louise’s canonization. Check out these links:

March 8, 1934
March 9, 1934
March 10, 1934
March 11, 1934 (Account of the Canonization ceremony itself)
March 12, 1934
March 13, 1934
March 14, 1934
March 15, 1934

Solemn Mass for the Canonization of St. Louise de Marillac, St. Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco, June 10, 1934

Solemn Mass for the Canonization of St. Louise de Marillac, St. Mary’s Cathedral, San Francisco, June 10, 1934

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See a 1934 Photo of Pope Pius XI presiding at the Canonization of St. Louise

For the detailed story of the process leading to St. Louise’s canonization, read “Spes Unica– Path to Glory: The Canonization Process of Louise de Marillac” by Sr. Betty Ann McNeil, DC.

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  1. Betty Ann McNeil, DC

    Marguerite Naseau is considered the first Daughter of Charity, who showed “the way” to the others. Louise de Marillac was a co-foundress of the Daughters of Charity , along with Vincent de Paul.