5 Minutes With Sr. Rosalie Rendu

by | Feb 7, 2016 | Formation

Spend 5 minutes in quiet reflective thought about Blessed Sister Rosalie with this video based on her correspondence and the witness of her Sisters. You will soon see that she was sensitive to all suffering: “There is something that is choking me and takes away my appetite: the thought that so many families lack bread.” As one of our Facebook followers recently put it, “I think she and Pope Francis would be good friends…” (thanks Sandra Silvestro… we like that idea!).

“Like her contemporary Frederic Ozanam, with practicality, intelligence, and boldness, through riots and revolutions, she put her all into defending the weak and reconciling social classes.”

– from “Sister Rosalie a Daughter of Charity with a Heart on Fire” by Sr. Elisabeth Charpy, D.C., Marie Genevieve Roux, D.C., and Claude Dinnat, Professor.