#IamVincent @ DePaul Service Immersion

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Formation, Reflections

depaul-IAMVINCENT-service--FBIn “Experiencing Vincentian Hospitality,” Quinton Foshag unveils the transforming power of service immersion experiences.

In my first ever experience living in the Vincentian House of Charity, I was so amazed by the love and compassion that Sister Monica and Sister Clair met us with. From the moment we arrived at the House of Charity in New Orleans on our service trip, we were treated as family.
I cannot say there was a single moment during my stay with the sisters that I felt uncomfortable or neglected. These women were so gracious to us, people they had never before met, and allowed us to be ourselves and ask questions about the circumstances of an environment we knew little about.

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While the sisters encouraged us in conversation to discuss and further understand the lack of resources and opportunity within the New Orleans community we were serving, they also provided us, via their example, with ways in which to engage in our new community.

I will never forget the respect and grace with which Sister Monica engaged with the people she had us meet. And this only encourages myself to do the same, seeing how much more people were willing to open up to you when you don’t put yourself over them, but beside them. Sister Monica showed me how be one with my community, both small and large. I will always strive to be as gracious to those around me as she has been to me and to our group.