Searching for the Truth in Love

by | Aug 21, 2015 | News, Social

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At Psychology Today, Pamela Rutledge writes

Humans are social animals. The need to connect is a primal drive. Even our most basic needs, such as food and safety, have always been accomplished by humans as a group. We weren’t equipped to conquer the world with fangs and claws, so we got a prefrontal cortex that gave us cooperation and attachment.

Social Media is here, like it or not. Many people have reservations about it, and, granted, it can be misused. Like any other human phenomenon, it can be infused with virtue. And the Vincentian Family has something to offer:

Humility: always be yourself. Don’t pose, and don’t use social media to dominate, denigrate or destroy. Build, cultivate and strengthen persons and relationships.

Simplicity: Speak the truth in love. It’s not enough to be “right.” Be loving. And be accurate. Don’t simply repeat or “share” everything you find. How many times have you shared a “quote” from Pope Francis that wasn’t his?

Charity: Have a beef? Take it offline in a private message. People are less defensive in a private forum. If you want to persuade, don’t back people into a corner with verbal violence.

Don’t be afraid to use social media for good! And don’t believe the myths about social media that suggest it is to be feared or avoided.

For your prayer, take a look at this VinFormation presentation on Revitalizing Our Relationships. How can you apply it in your Social Media relationships?