Vincentian Collaboration in Ethiopia – obligation not option

by | Mar 19, 2015 | News, Vincentian Family

20150318_085749The Vincentian Family Collaboration Action Program (VFCAP) Ethiopia experience started on the 18th of March 2015 in Addis Ababa. Certainly an apt way of preparing for 2015 the Year of Vincentian Collaboration.

After the opening prayer, a welcoming word was pronounced by Abba Hagos Hayish, CM, VFCAP Ethiopia coordinator. He introduced the VFCAP Ethiopia team. He also explained that the Vincentian Family in Ethiopia has a rich tradition of collaborative ministry as illustrated by St. Justine Jacobis, and that the faithful in Ethiopia are willing to play their role in the ministry of the Ethiopian church. “Collaboration in our context is not an option but an obligation” he added, “Team work is a must and if we want to run fast we would run alone but if we want to reach our destination we should walk TOGETHER”.

Sister Tiblets, DC’s Visitatrix in Ethiopia, welcomed the VFCC Commission and the participants to the DC’s Provincial House.

Afterward, Father Joe Agostino, CM, VFCC Coordinator, welcomed the participants and presented the VFCAP outcomes. He described the VFCAP as an exciting adventure which has the potential to change the very MO of “how we do business” in the service of people living in poverty… “The workshop’s experience is something new”, he added, “but it is also something that resonates with our deepest roots…”.

On this first day, participants were invited to re-awaken in their hearts the vision that animated our founders and is to be incarnated in us so that they would become grounded in the Vincentian roots and tradition of collaboration, through presentations, exercises and workshops.

The mass of the day was celebrated by Abba Getahun Fanta, CM, the Lazarist’s Visitor in Ethiopia, who in his homily stressed the importance of collaboration in Vincent’s life and ministry.

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