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Life of St. Justin de Jacobis, C.M.

A brief presentation of the biography of St. Justin de Jacobis.

5 Faces of Justin de Jacobis

Feast Day: July 30 Long after Justin’s death, Cardinal Massaia, who had ordained him, stated: After 35 years I can still, to a large extent, recall the sermons which I listened to in those days, so great was the impression which he made on me, and also on others… To...

Devotion to St. Justin de Jacobis in Eritrea and Ethiopia

St. Justin de Jacobis, C.M. (feast day: July 30) faced and overcame many challenges and hardships. His humility, goodness, and charity inspired vocations to the priesthood and converted many others in 19th century Abyssinia.

St. Justin de Jacobis and the Coptic Christians of Ethiopia

New presentation considers St. Justin’s thinking and action toward the Ethiopian Christians.

St. Justin de Jacobis: The Art of Dialogue

St. Justin de Jacobis: The Art of Dialogue

Father Robert Maloney, C.M., writes: More than a century before the word “inculturation” became popular, Justin [St. Justin de Jacobis] was a master of the art. He said to his listeners: “...if anyone should question you: ‘Who is this stranger?’, answer: ‘He is a...

After Hotel Rwanda?

After Hotel Rwanda?

The 2004 movie Hotel Rwanda told the harrowing story of the massacres of 1994. But what happened after that? Fr. Zeracristos Yosief, CM Assistant General of the Congregation of the Mission shares this report of a recent visit to...

CM considered Apostle to Africa

He is considered an apostle to Africa, and the founder of the Abyssinian mission. Blessed Ghebre Michael , CM is among the estimated 12,000 converts he made in his time. He is also considered the founder of a new Catholic generation and formator of its native clergy....

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