The Rosalie Projects: By your side, my brother

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Thanks to the “By your side, my brother” project, the Daughters of Charity of Peje in Kosovo have been able to improve the welcome given to the 35 disabled people, aged between 10 and 65, who visit their “Centre for Independent Life” every day.

The beneficiaries were involved in the implementation of this project.

“We identified the specific needs of adults and children with disabilities to determine the quality, style and size of the tables and chairs to ensure they were as comfortable as possible
Then we compared offers based on quality, price and other conditions for purchasing, organising and transporting the tables and chairs to the Centre.” Sister Adriana

So the company that supplied the equipment offered a discount and delivery.

Some of the money earmarked for furniture (chairs, tables and initially the electric oven) was used to buy food for the children, materials for activities and school supplies.

The purchase of an electric oven was replaced by the purchase of a washing machine. A donor gave us an electric cooker!

 “The use of this washing machine has had a positive impact on the children in our care, particularly in terms of teaching them about personal hygiene, improving their independence and helping them adapt to new situations. Antoni, for example, who has a moderate intellectual disability, has developed the skills needed to use the washing machine: filling the machine, putting in washing products and activating the machine.” Sister Adriana

The project will also help to improve teaching and support personal development towards maximum independence, by encouraging interaction and inclusion.

With them, thanks to you!

Sr Adriana Palokaj, DC



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