Covenant that Is Better, New, Holy, Eternal

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Jesus gives his body up and sheds his blood for us. He thus gives the greatest proof of love and is now the mediator of the new and better covenant.

Jesus tells his disciples that the bread he is about to give them is his body. He, then, says also that the wine they have just drunk from the cup he passed around is his blood. And it is the blood of the covenant, which is shed for all.

He thus gives himself, his body, and blood, his life, as a sacrifice. And as the victim, he is the bond of union between God and us humans. Yes, through him, in his blood, God seals his covenant with us.

Hence, the mystery of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ is the Good News, too, of God’s love. Of the love, the greatest proof of which is Jesus as he dies for us sinners. And it is the same Good News as the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity. That is to say, the Good News that God is love. The Good News of peace, of the grace of union with God and each other, of communion. And, of course, it is the Good News also of the love that is creative in an infinite way (SV.EN XI:131).

So, if we divide, exclude, do not care about others, we will but mock the Lord’s Supper. We will, then, eat and drink judgment on ourselves.

Ours, no doubt, is the concern that we stay one with Christ in the depths of our heart. But such oneness, true covenant with God through Christ, asks that we stay one, too, with others. We cannot hear Scriptures, share the Lord’s Supper, and at the same time show no concern for others. Especially for those who hunger and thirst, who are immigrants, naked, sick, in prison, homeless, sinners.

Lord Jesus, grant that we stay true to the Scriptures and to the breaking of bread. We shall thus be true to the covenant sealed in your blood. 

2 June 2024
Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (B)
Ex 24, 3-8; Heb 9, 11-15; Mk 14, 12-16. 22-26


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