The Rosalie Projects: “Load-bearing Walls”

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Two years ago, in Issenye (Tanzania), a poor and remote village, the Daughters of Charity were able to acquire land to begin the construction of a nursery school named the “Marguerite Naseau House”.

The goal of the “Load-bearing Walls” project is to complete the construction of the school and equip it to accommodate very young children from poor families in the region.

Upon receipt of funds from the Rosalie Projects, the sisters purchased materials (paint, cement, wood, tools, kitchen utensils, gas stove, freezer, etc.) to finish construction of the school buildings and begin the finish work.

A team of painters painted the exterior and interior walls of the school buildings. One of the parents of the students lent a hand.

However, the sisters had to meet the requirements of regional education officials in terms of construction, which caused unforeseen expenses.

These officials ordered changes to some of the room layouts. The demolition and renovation of one of the classrooms generated additional costs (repair of a podium and a classroom floor).

“Because of all these additional mandatory expenses, we were unable to finish the work on the exterior passageway along the buildings as we would have liked. In addition, the authorities still require that we construct access ramps in preparation for children in wheelchairs or with mobility difficulties. They are absolutely right. But the financial means are greatly lacking!” – Sr. Domitienne

“We are still missing tables, desks, and cupboards to equip the classrooms, as well as playground equipment.” – Sr. Domitienne

The sisters are currently looking at other financing solutions.

“We are considering parental participation in school fees, and the creation of a vegetable garden to provide fruit and vegetables for our young students’ two meals. For three years, the population of Issenye has been impatiently awaiting the operation of this nursery school. Some parents, given the advancing age of their children, were forced to take them to other schools that were poorly equipped and sometimes very far away. So now, many are happy to see their children in our hands. We hope that they will get involved to ensure good supervision for the children… because they are already suggesting the idea of creating a primary school after the two years of kindergarten.” – Sr. Domitienne

Together with them, thanks to you!

Sr. Domitienne Esuba



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